Sea Ice



Global warming hiatus
"never happened" says
new analysis here
Arctic sea ice reaches
annual minimum
extent here
North Atlantic Oscillation
phase-locked with
solar cycle here
Two key Southern Ocean
carbon sink studies
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NSIDC Data: September Arctic Sea Ice Fourth Lowest


Arctic sea ice extent in September was the fourth lowest for any September since satellite measurements began in 1979[more]

Fossil Sea Shells Reveal Climate Secret Of Pangea


New research finds no evidence for strong monsoonal variations in temperature or rainfall on the mega continent of Pangea[more]

Oceans Surface Reactions Affect Climate


Oceans seem to produce significantly more of the reactive gas isoprene, and consequently affect the climate more strongly than previously thought, according to researchers[more]

Study: Sea Ice In Northwest Passage Remains Thick


Arctic sea ice still too thick for regular shipping route through Northwest Passage says research [more]

Fossil Corals Shed Light On The Earth’s Past Climate


In a paper published in Science, researchers from the University of Bristol describe how they used radiocarbon measured in deep-sea fossil corals to shed light on carbon dioxide (CO2) levels during the Earth’s last deglaciation[more]

Arctic Oscillation Linked To Transport Of Dark Dust


Ice samples from Greenland and Russia provide clues to past and future climate change [more]

Extreme Pacific Sea Level Events To Double In Future


Projected enhanced El Niño Pacific Ocean warming events and related winds may lead to more frequent extreme sea level swings in the region says a new study[more]

Ocean Synched Antarctic Temperatures With CO2


How ocean circulation helped change atmospheric CO2 levels in the past is revealed in a new paper[more]

El Nino Persists In Pacific As Indian Ocean Stays Warm


The tropical Pacific Ocean and atmosphere are reinforcing each other, maintaining a strong El Nino that is likely to persist into early 2016. Tropical Pacific sea surface temperatures are more than 2 °C above average[more]

Researchers Reveal When Global Warming First Appeared


Study suggests when and where the first clear signs of global warming appeared in the temperature record and where those signals are likely to be clearly seen in extreme rainfall events in the near future[more]

Study Shows Plankton Play Big Role In Carbon Cycle


Tiny plankton can play a major role in CO2 storage in the oceans[more]

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