Ice Sheet

Extremely hot summers
in Europe are now
more likely here
El Ninos fuel more intense
tropical cyclones in
eastern Pacific here
Arctic sea ice extent
near average in
November says NSIDC here
Rate of melt of Antarctic
ice sheet has tripled
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Study Analyses Thunder Cloud Gamma Flashes


NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope with data from ground-based radar and lightning detectors has enabled scientists analyse the types of thunderstorms involved in terrestrial gamma ray flashes[more]

Research Reveals Costs Of Cloud Brightening


Cost of cloud brightening - a form of geoengineering - to offset global warming and cool the planet have been revealed in new research[more]

Study Analyses Greenland Ice Sheet Melt


Study provides first detailed look at how Greenland’s ice is vanishing[more]

Predictions of Greenland Ice Loss “Underestimated”.


Migrating ‘supraglacial’ lakes could trigger future Greenland ice loss, according to a new paper[more]

How Climate Change Could Leave Cities In The Dark


Engineers create a computer model to predict the increasing vulnerability of power grids in major coastal cities during hurricanes.[more]

Past Global Warming Similar To Today’s


Size and duration of Paleocene-Eocene thermal maximum warming change were like modern climate shift, but in two pulses, say researchers[more]

Climate Pledges Fall Short Say Researchers


Currently proposed climate policy pledges are an important step forward but fall short of 2 degrees Celsius, say researchers behind a new study. [more]

NASA Data: Temperatures Come Off Boil In November


Global average surface temperatures in November were relatively less warm that those in October, September and August making it less likely that 2014 will be the warmest year on record, according to data from NASA[more]

Arctic Sea Ice “More Resilient” Than Thought


Arctic sea ice is holding up to global warming better than expected, according to the latest data from the CryoSat-2 satellite, a team from University College London will tell the AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco today.[more]

Global Warming's Influence On Extreme Weather


Understanding the cause-and-effect relationship between global warming and record-breaking weather requires asking precisely the right questions, a team of Stanford researchers will tell to the AGU Fall Conference this week.[more]

Nitrous Oxide Rose At End Of Last Ice Age


Nitrous oxide (N2O) is an important greenhouse gas and ozone-depleting substance. Researchers examining air trapped in Antarctic ice core bubbles have discovered that atmospheric concentrations of the gas increased at the end of...[more]

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