Sea Ice

Pause Goes



Antarctica sets
new record high for
May sea ice here
NOAA data revision
eradicates global
warming pause here
Atlantic variability puts
climate on verge of
decadal change here
CO2 causes recovery
in Sahelian rainfall
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Arctic Sea Ice Extent In June Third Lowest


Sea ice extent in the Arctic last month was the third lowest on record while it was the third highest on record in the Antarctic, according to the latest data[more]

Study Sheds Light On Sprites


Research findings link specific atmospheric conditions to luminous displays above thunderstorms[more]

Retreating Sea Ice Risks Cooler Europe Says Study


Retreating sea ice linked to changes in ocean circulation and could affect European climate [more]

Study Analyses Calving Glaciers


Backward-moving glacier helps scientists explain glacial earthquakes and will help improve the reliability of models that predict future sea-level rise in a warming climate[more]

Pacific Nitrous Oxide Emissions More Than Thought


Kiel marine scientists publish new data on greenhouse gas emissions. The Southeast Pacific produces more nitrous oxide than previously thought [more]

Orbit and CO2 Triggered Laurentide Melt Says Study


Study finds sudden shift in “forcing” led to demise of Laurentide ice sheet[more]

Analysing Ocean Mixing Reveals Climate Insight


Eddies pull carbon emissions into deep ocean according to research based on a new model that simulates complex process[more]

Fastest Recorded Solar Decline Will Cool Global Climate


Global cooling could result from a continued rapid reduction in solar activity, according to new research from a team led by a UK Met Office scientist. However, this cooling will not be sufficient to offset global warming[more]

BoM: El Nino Continues To Strengthen


Australia's BoM weather service predicts that El Nino conditions in the equatorial Pacific Ocean will continue to strengthen[more]

Remote Cave Reveals 3,000 Years Of European Climate


Cave stalagmites from Ullapool in north-west Scotland record changes in the North Atlantic Oscillation over the last 3,000 years [more]

Risk Of Major Sea Level Rise In Northern Europe


Sea level rise is a significant threat to the world’s coastal areas, but the threat is not the same everywhere on Earth. There is a significant risk that the seas around Scandinavia, England, the Netherlands and northern Germany...[more]

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