Ice Age

New sunspot analysis
questions solar activity
climate change link here
Long term cooling trend
in pre-industrial
ocean temperatures here
Experiments raise
doubts on ancient sea
temperatures here
Snowball Earth
had inter-glacials
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Link Between Glacier Mass Balance And Climate Varies


The relative importance of summer temperature over winter precipitation for the annual mass balance of glaciers has been increasing in recent years, according to new research[more]

Was End Of Younger Dryas Less Abrupt Than Thought?


New research using hydroclimate data suggests the onset and recovery of the Younger Dryas climate event was more gradual than thought[more]

Study: Ice Sheets More Resilient Than Thought


Ice sheets may be more resilient than thought, say Stanford scientists whose study suggests that today's ice sheets may be less sensitive to increased carbon dioxide levels than believed[more]

Three Trillion Trees On Earth


Study finds more trees on Earth than previously thought[more]

NASA: Sea level Rise Accelerating


All signs suggest sea level rise is accelerating, says NASA, and ice sheet meltwater will overtake natural causes as the most significant source of regional variations and the most significant contributor to overall sea level rise[more]

NASA Highlights The Fingerprints of Sea Level Rise


NASA says a 23-year record of satellite data shows that sea level is rising a few millimeters a year[more]

August Saw Faster Rate Of Arctic Sea Ice Melt


Arctic sea ice extent in August was the fourth lowest on record but was in line with the levels seen in the last decade[more]

New Approach For Modeling Amazon Seasonal Cycles


Engineers resolve the seasonality of the hydrologic cycle in the Amazon using an approach, opposite to general circulation models, in which they resolve convection and parameterize large-scale circulation as a function of the...[more]

Strongest El Nino Since 97/98 Says BoM


Latest reports from Australia's weather service indicate that ongoing El Nino is the strongest since the record-breaking event seen in 1997/1998 and that it will persist into next year[more]

“Gray Swan” Tropical Cyclones Put Coastal Cities At Risk


Rare but predictable storms could pose big hazards to coastal cities not previously seen as being at risk, according to a new study[more]

NSIDC Reveals Prototype Sea Ice Concentration Data


New technique for estimating sea ice concentration in the Arctic Ocean improves short-term sea ice edge location forecasts[more]

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