Europe can get two
bad winters in a row
due to the Atlantic here
This thinning Eurasian
ice cap is sliding faster
into the sea here
Carbon sequestration may
not work says new
research from MIT here
Greenland Ice Sheet
winter growth up
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Urban Heat Waves Up Over 40 Years Says Study


Heat waves are becoming more prominent in urban areas, research reveals[more]

Iceland Rises As Its Glaciers Melt From Climate Change


With Iceland's glaciers melting faster, the crust near the glaciers is rebounding at an accelerated rate, according to a team of geoscientists[more]

Study: Global Warming Won't Mean More Stormy Weather


Contrary to popular belief, global warming will not lead to an overall increasingly stormy atmosphere, according to new research out today in the journal Science. Instead, climate change means strong storms will become stronger...[more]

Soil Moisture Monitoring Will Improve Weather Forecasts


Soil moisture governs precipitation. Evaporating soil moisture also makes air cooler and affects temperature. Scientists believe better observations of soil moisture might improve weather forecasts[more]

Sea Level In Europe Reduced By Ocean Slope


Slope on the ocean surface lowers the sea level in Europe, says new study based on satellite data[more]

Met Office Cautious Over Pause In Decadal Forecast


The latest decadal climate forecast issued by the UK Met Office suggests milder winters for Europe and continued high global surface temperatures but avoids predicting an end date for the global warming pause[more]

Research: Natural Variability Affects Arctic Sea Ice Decline


Al Gore famously predicted that summer Arctic sea ice would be gone by now thanks to global warming. Yet Arctic sea ice extent decline seems to have slowed in recent years. New research explains why: it suggests natural...[more]

Study: Models Not To Blame In Failure To Predict Pause


Computer climate models are not fundamentally flawed and their apparent failure to predict the ongoing pause in global warming is due to the inherently unpredictable behaviour of the climate system, according to research to be...[more]

Study: Global Warming Doubles Risk Of Extreme La Ninas


The risk of extreme La Nina Pacific Ocean cooling events could double due to global warming, new research has shown.[more]

New Climate Change Projections For Australia


Climate change projections for Australia, that provide updated national and regional information on how the climate may change to the end of the 21st century, have been released by two Australian government agencies - CSIRO and...[more]

Met Office: "Not Possible" To Say 2014 Warmest Year


Nominally 2014 tied with 2010 as the warmest year on record but the uncertainty ranges mean it is not possible to definitively say which of several recent years was the warmest, according to the UK Meteorological Office.[more]

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