CO2 400ppm



Natural variability
plays a bigger role
than thought here
Seasonally adjusted
CO2 levels hit 400ppm
in March says NOAA here
Warm blob last year
caused by reduced
heat loss here
Evidence found of
positive feedbacks
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Research: Arctic Sea Ice Loss Likely To Be Reversible


Scenarios of a sea ice tipping point leading to a permanently ice-free Arctic Ocean were based on oversimplified arguments, according to a new paper from scientists at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Newly identified...[more]

Study: Arctic Whitening Might Help Ice But Not Climate


Geoengineering to whiten the Arctic Ocean may restore sea ice but it would not reverse climate change, according to research[more]

El Nino May Be Establishing Itself Says BoM


Coupling between the ocean and atmosphere may be occurring in the Pacific Ocean where sea surface temperatures exceed El Nino thresholds. If these patterns persist or strengthen, El Nino will become established[more]

Study: High Mountains Warming Faster Than Expected


More aggressive monitoring of temperature changes in mountain regions is needed and more attention should be given to the potential consequences of mountain warming, according to a study[more]

Permafrost Thaw Releasing Arctic Carbon Says Study


Single-cell organisms called microbes are rapidly devouring the ancient carbon being released from thawing permafrost soil and ultimately releasing it back into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide, according to research.[more]

Heat On Despite Global Warming Pause Say Researchers


The pause or hiatus in global average temperature rises has little effect on projected temperatures in 2100, according to a study led by Matthew England from the University of New South Wales. The pause reflects short-term...[more]

Researchers Use Cosmic Rays To Probe Lightning


Cosmic rays can be used to study electric fields within thunderclouds say researchers[more]

NOAA: March 2015 Was Warmest March


March 2015 was the third warmest month ever recorded and the warmest March on record, according to data from NOAA[more]

Plankton May Drive Arctic Warming Says Study


Study questions whether Phytoplankton reduces greenhouse gases or amplifies Arctic warming? [more]

Long Term Pacific Climate Variations Predictable


Research suggests that climate variations in the Pacific including El Nino Pacific Ocean warming events can be forecast up to three years in advance[more]

Amazon Loss Carbon Balance Partly Offset Says Study


Research indicates that the impact of large-scale deforestation on the Amazon carbon balance has been partially offset by ongoing regrowth of vegetation, despite sustained human activity[more]

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